About DBEL Studio

DBEL Studio is a award-winning brand that focuses on creating bespoke lighting designs that perfectly capture the essence and character of any given space. Utilizing their unique 3C model of customization, consultation, and curation, DBEL Studio provides an all-encompassing solution for both architectural and decorative lighting needs.

Their mission is to elevate the ambiance and atmosphere of any space by offering exclusive, handcrafted lighting designs that bring to life the desired mood, and curated collections that cater to diverse tastes and preferences.

Founded by an architect turned lighting designer, Ms. Dillraj L Bhatia, DBEL looks at lighting as an experience. In addition, the brand belief is deeply rooted in creating sustainable ways of lighting with a strong focus on natural light.

Unconventional forms, clean lines and alliance with modern influences are the hallmarks of DBEL’s lighting offerings. Working as lighting consultants at the design concept stage, DBEL pays detailed attention to the aesthetics of the light fixtures beyond achieving the desired lighting effect. Each design has a unique and creative inspiration along with the use of unconventional materials.

Ms. Dillraj L Bhatia