Different kinds of lighting to improve the mood of the room

Different kinds of lighting to improve the mood of the room

 Below are a few kinds of lighting which can enhance the mood of the room:

  • Light Layering

A viable method to augment the appearance of any space is to light in layers. Different light sources help balance a room by limiting shadows, while including depth and dimensions. Adding lights in layers can also come handy when the mood of the space needs to be changed according to different occasions. 

  • Overhead lighting

This is also called general lighting, where a light fixture installed at the ceiling, brightens majority of the room. The light source in this type of lighting is usually a high wattage bulb that provides a strong illumination, lighting all the necessary areas of the room. 

  • Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting does its job in creating an environment around the space. It provides an area with a comfortable level of brightness and overall lighting without causing any strain to the eye. Ambient lighting can be achieved, both with natural lights entering through windows and doors and, with ceiling or wall-mount fixtures, chandeliers, track lights, and lamps. 

  • Task lighting

Just like the name, task lights are the light fixtures that add in performing a specific set of tasks. Be it a reading lamp or lighting suitable for shaving or applying makeup. For example, using diffused lights for kitchen can help avoid glares and hence make work a lot less tedious. Also, by adding fabric shades in rooms, a subtle glow can be achieved for working areas.

  • Adding more lights

Better alternative of using high wattage lights is using a greater number of low wattage lights. Doing this guarantees that the same amount of light is produced in the room while ensuring a better spread through the crevices and corners of the designer’s choice.

A lot can be done when it comes to lighting a particular area in a room, like choosing warmer colors in rooms for recreation and choosing cooler colors for work spaces. One just has to understand that light doesn’t just illuminate a space, but also enhances the overall design aesthetic.


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