10 ways to amp up your bedroom lighting

10 ways to amp up your bedroom lighting

1. Choose a nice lampshade

Lampshades, unlike many other decorative lights, are a good source to light up a room. More light would be distributed into the room if you use a light lampshade, while darker shades will control the light making it shine above and below the lamp. So if you want the lamp to be a big source of light in your room then you can choose the traditionally lighter lampshades but if you only want the lamp to contribute to the overall look and aesthetic of the space then you can choose darker lampshades.

2. Introduce pendant lights to your room

Pendant lights are a great way to save some floor space and can be a very stylish addition to your room. You can use pendant lights next to your bed instead of bedside lamps which not only looks great but also saves some space while doing that.

3. Track lighting in the bedroom

It would, surely, be an unconventional idea to install track lighting in a bedroom but it would surely be a good idea. Track lights, which are usually used in kitchen or dining room, would also look great in the bedroom, right above the bed, maybe highlighting an artwork.

  • Glass Pendant Lights

Sometimes simplicity is the key to look he best. Glass pendant are great for use for where you want to read because they give out maximum light. Also, with the classic glass design, they are minimalistic yet beautiful to look at.

  • A Crystal Chandelier

Chandeliers in bedroom are unconventional but not unheard of. They are a great source of light and they look beautiful, especially with the crystals adding the “majestic” touch to your bedroom.

  • The sleek floor lamps

Floor lamps are ideal for rooms lacking in area because they provide a good amount of light without taking up a lot of floor space.

  • Dimmers for mood lighting

Dimmers are a great way to control the overall lighting at your home. They provide you with some control over the lighting setup in your room. Using dimmers can instantly change the mood of a room.

  • Use wall space with sconces

Wall sconces are a great way to light up small spaces in a room. Also sconces can be as eye-catching as any art piece.

  • Matching bedside lamps 

Bedside lamps can be a great source of light for reading. They automatically make any room look complete and every bed needs some form of bedside lamp. You can match your lamps because they look much better and organized than mismatched lamps which go for a more casual style.

  • Colorful Pendant Lights

A colorful room has a more energetic feel and aesthetic to it and so, you can add to your room using colorful pendant lights. These lights are a great way to add a shot of color or pattern to your bedroom.

Good lighting is a very important element of design in every room of the home. A lot can be achieved when you treat your lighting like a piece of furniture and there are a lot more ways you can innovate your bedroom space, the possibilities are endless. So just get into it and start renovating your room.


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