The unstoppable wave of entrepreneurship has spread colossally across the country with many business ideas shaping up into reality. The contribution made by women to give a boost to entrepreneurship in India cannot be overlooked. With innovative ideas and consummate determination, the women of today have left no stone unturned to establish their names among the eminent entrepreneurs of the country. However, the phenomenon is believed to have gripped primarily the metropolitan cities as the smaller cities are yet to be swayed by the trend of budding female entrepreneurs. 

Entrepreneurship is a smart way to empower women and make them self-reliant. In the past decade, there has been a tremendous change in way these empowered female professionals in metro cities, have made their own path to success, thereby writing their own success stories. However for the entire nation to develop and prosper, it is extremely imperative to aim for an all-inclusive growth. This means that the similar trend should be replicated in the remote areas of the country as majority of populace still resides beyond metro cities. 

There have been various reasons that have contributed to the sluggish growth of working women in tier 2 cities and remote areas. 

Cultural Barrier

One of major reason contributing to slow growth of women entrepreneurship in rural India is the cultural barrier. Culturally women are perceived to limit their actions to the household chores and not be the earning hand in the family. Due to which, they are often deprived of the various facilities that can be key enablers to shape the independent women of today. For eg; The Startup industries are profusely playing upon the power of internet, However, women in remote areas and smaller cities are still being held back from making basic use of internet as it is considered to negatively impact their ideas. According to a recent study by Google, Bain & Company and Omidayar Networks, rural areas and women have less access to internet and women form a majority of non-Internet users. This needs to be changed if we have to establish a healthy ecosystem for entrepreneurial growth across the country. 

Lack of funds

Women often find it challenging to source money to run their own business as compared to their male counterparts. Unavailability of funds often pulls back these aspiring women to walk on their journey of entrepreneurship. 

Limited education

Another major reason is that women education in the smaller cities and villages often occupies a secondary position as compared to the males. Due to this they fail to acquire basic skills required to compete in the fiercely competitive professional world. To check this problem, it is important to educate and train the female population of our country to take up challenging professional roles and stand as independent businesswomen.  

Lack of awareness 

Lack of awareness around the subject has also been a major barrier in the growth of women entrepreneurs. Women are not aware of the means and platforms to utilize their skills and make money out of it, thereby failing to establish their own businesses. Various campaigns to spread information and motivate potential women entrepreneurs should be undertaken at local level so as to bring forth the hidden talent in these areas.

It is extremely crucial to realize that majority of population still inhibits in villages of the country. Hence in order to establish a strong foundation for growth, the women in these areas are required to contribute in development of the nation. That can be done only when these potential businesswomen are nurtured, groomed and supported to contribute actively in the economy of our country.