The lighting industry in India has seen a tremendous growth in the past decade and continues to be on its growth trajectory. Today, our lighting choices are no longer confined to illumination. Lighting beautifies the architectural design to its best. Lighting is just as important to the design process as any other furniture in a room and thus, lighting has come a long way from where it began.

LED is a reliable and energy-efficient source of lighting. LED lighting products have gained a prominent spot in the Indian lighting market, owing to their numerous benefits over older lighting technology. The replacement of traditional and inefficient incandescent, halogen, fluorescent lamps with modern lighting fixtures not only ensures lower energy consumption but a better looking and well illuminated space.

The Indian population is beginning to understand the need for this modern form of lighting and this can be stated through the various ways we’ve taken to promote LED lighting. In 2017, the Indian Government launched “Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme”, which was targeted at promoting the use of energy-efficient lighting products in the residential and industrial sector. LEDs are being increasingly used for house lighting, street lighting, display lighting, automotive lighting, etc., so it cannot be an exaggeration to claim that in near future, LEDs are set to completely replace every other form of lighting. 

Not just a way to reduce energy consumption, this modern way of lighting ensures minimal carbon footprint while illuminating our living rooms. These lighting choices are environment friendly and with the state of the world right now, more people are becoming aware about sustainable ways of lighting. 

There has been a constant series of innovations that are taking place in this sector. The LED lighting industry is evolving by seamlessly merging technology with lighting. Today, we can change the lighting of our room according to our mood. Various smart LED lighting options have made it possible to control this feature through mobile apps or voice commands. Automated lighting is a crucial part in building a smart home. This trend is set to increase in future.

Another innovation called the Li-Fi promises to be the successor to Wi-Fi, being based on light rather than radio signals: Li-Fi systems are already offering 40 times the speed of Wi-Fi in laboratory conditions, and the technology plenty of potential to evolve further.

The lighting industry will also evolve with the creation of human centric lighting. This means that there will be greater importance given to lighting quality on human health and comfort. For example, light bulbs with high color temperatures and low color rendering indexes have been linked to sleep disorders and other medical conditions, and companies are working on creating ideal lighting solutions to suit human comfort.


Currently, the demand for LED lighting in India is largely driven by metropolitan cities because of larger awareness of its increased durability and cost-effectiveness. However, through increased awareness programs, the trend will soon catch up in Tier II and III cities. 

It is likely that the Indian lighting industry will continue to grow at a high rate per annum, in the near future. LEDs and smart lighting are the catalysts for the evolution of architectural design. Evolving lights with technology not only provides ease of use with the tap of your phone, but it can also create a sense of security and allow homeowners to customize the overall ambience of their home. Consumers too have become very environment friendly, which will further ensure that lighting will continue to grow and evolve with the time.

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